Welcome to Electric Ancient Egyptians. It is my mission and vision to push through barriers of misperception and misunderstanding to discover the true history of Earth, her ancient civilizations, and lost technologies that if rediscovered, could change life on our precious planet.

This is a tall order and will require a team effort. One person working alone cannot possibly accumulate enough information, and the task is like the Buddhist tale of six blind men trying to describe an elephant. One holds the tail, another holds the trunk, and yet another grasps a tusk. Each truthfully describes the part of the elephant they touch, but none of them can perceive the whole creature.

The theories that led to this book are based on years of personal research, but as we move ahead on this journey, I welcome input from others. I hope that my work will inspire curiosity in those who are also working to puzzle out these ancient mysteries

My next book Earthmilk: Electrified Water, which tells the real story of the Great Pyramid of Giza, will be available in August of 2015. Another collaborative project, Ancient Egypt’s Electrical Power & Gas Generating Systems, which explores how some of Egypt’s so-called monuments and tombs are the equivalent of huge industrial complexes, should be available in September of 2015.


James Ernest Brown

The updated and expanded third edition of Electric Ancient Egyptians draws on current research into the electrical nature of the human body and the implications, citing leading edge research. A new chapter examines the ancient Egyptian document called the Papyrus of Ani, showing how all the components of Brown’s research existed in drawings in one document thousands of years ago. The new edition also includes visual examples in operation of how the ancient Egyptian so-called game of Senet actually worked as an astronomical timing device.





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