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I have been a general contractor for fifty years, and I am a practical thinker

Chapter 1b

Chapter 1

The Eye of Horus: The Tool For Interpretation

Chapter 2b

Chapter 2

Static Electricity: A Natural Form Of Energy

Chapter 3b

Chapter 3

Human Hand: Generates Positive Static Electricity

Chapter 4b

Chapter 4

Electrical Capacitors

Chapter 5b

Chapter 5

Animal Fur: Generates Negative Electricity

Chapter 6b

Chapter 6

Gold Covered Ceremonial Chamber Fits Profile of Faraday Cage

Chapter 7b

Chapter 7

Batteries And Other Electrical Devices

Chapter 8b

Chapter 8

Celestial Timing: The Secret Ingredient

Chapter 9b

Chapter 9

Procedures For Manipulating Atomic Structures

Chapter 10b

Chapter 10

Manipulating Atomic Structures With Human Electricity

Chapter 11b

Chapter 11

Star Gods


Chapter 12b

Chapter 12

Edward Leedskalnin