Review Rating:  5 Stars
Reviewed By Melinda Hills for Readers’ Favorite

Exploring the purpose and use of ancient Egyptian artifacts from a unique point of view, James Ernest Brown offers a new and unusual explanation for the power of the pharaohs. In his well-organized and beautifully illustrated book Electric Ancient Egyptians: Penetrating The Atom With Electrified Sperm, Brown explains alternative interpretations of implements and processes used by the pharaohs and high priests based on an exhaustive study of drawings, hieroglyphs and physical evidence.

Comparing ancient Egyptian objects with modern items, Brown proposes that the pharaohs and priests had the ability to produce, control and use electricity for ceremonies, healing and even creating the pyramids. Based on over three decades of research in Egypt and other sites around the world, the information supports the claim that the ancients had abilities and understanding of the atomic structure of things that we are only just achieving today in modern science.

Unlike Egyptologists who believe that the picture writing in tombs and pyramids are instructions for the afterlife, Brown chooses to take a more literal approach. In Electric Ancient Egyptians, he demonstrates that viewing these pictures as we would look at a photograph provides a better basis for interpretation. Brown’s interpretations are also from a different perspective than has been used historically – instead of viewing these pictures and objects from a ‘modern’ viewpoint, Brown looks for everyday applications that would have made sense at that time. Where archaeologists see a shrine, Brown sees a Faraday cage; fancy shapes and patterns are depictions of planetary movements; jars and vessels are batteries and capacitors.

Electric Ancient Egyptians: Penetrating The Atom With Electrified Sperm is an interesting book that has been meticulously researched and well-presented so that it is easy to understand. James Brown has provided us with something new to think about other than aliens for our comprehension of the life and ability of the ancient Egyptians.





Review Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed By Maria Beltran for Readers’ Favorite

Electric Ancient Egyptians: Penetrating the Atom with Electrified Sperm by James E. Brown presents an original view point and analysis of ancient Egyptian art and picture scripts. The book presents the hypothesis that ancient Egyptian society, like modern society, used signs and images to communicate to its citizens, much like those single image signs that dot our roads warning motorists to slow down for curves or be more attentive for passing children and animals. The book asserts that ancient Egyptian art is similar to today’s photographs in such a way that they were used to record important events and objects. Brown also avers that ancient Egyptian pharaohs already possessed great knowledge about natural forms of energy like static electricity and electrical currents, and were utilizing this information to fulfill their royal duties.

Traveling to Egypt for almost four decades, James E. Brown’s research on Egyptian art and society led to a number of hypotheses that he articulates in his book, Electric Ancient Egyptians: Penetrating the Atom with Electrified Sperm. Brown questions the popular belief that pyramids were built as tombs and, as he digs deeper, he dispels our prevalent understanding of ancient Egyptian art and picture scripts. The result is a book that is not only attention grabbing and intriguing, it also captures the imagination. What I particularly like about Electric Ancient Egyptians is that, despite the scholarly topic, it turns out to be such an enjoyable read. And to the most skeptical readers I believe the author offers very convincing hypotheses. From the chapters on the Eyes of Horus, static energy, electrical capacitors, the cat goddess, a gold covered shrine, batteries and electrical devices, the Edfu Temple to Horus, and the works of Edward Leedskalnin, who claims to have unraveled the pyramids’ secrets, this controversial book will surely capture your complete and undivided attention.






Review Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

Electric Ancient Egyptians: Penetrating The Atom With Electrified Sperm (Ancient Energy) by James Brown revolves around the ancient Egyptian civilization. The author’s images, historical references, drawings, and his study on the topic presents an entirely different concept about this ancient race. This book helps readers understand and decode the behavior of the Egyptian pharaohs and the stories that revolve around the Egyptian myths. The author examines Egyptian art, structures and sculptures, and the other evidence provided in the book gives readers food for thought on energy and static electricity. This book reveals how the Egyptian pharaohs understood the natural forms of energy in those days; and the author’s personal theories remove the misconceptions and misunderstandings one has on the history of the Earth.

The book is a compelling read; it encourages readers to delve more into the mysteries that can help change life on this planet. The illustrations, images and drawings give clarity to the author’s concept and theory, and his in depth research on the topic is educational and informative. The awareness of the ancient Egyptians about the laws of nature and how to apply them is evident from the author’s research and words. The book is about the wisdom hidden in ancient Egypt and it helps readers look at the myths and mysteries there in a new light that will help them explore themselves and the world around them with a different perspective.




Review Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Electric Ancient Egyptians: Penetrating The Atom With Electrified Sperm (Ancient Energy) is a nonfiction metaphysical work written by James Brown. The author combined his practical knowledge as a general contractor with his independent studies of the ancient Egyptians, and arrived at some of his own theories and alternative ways of looking at the science and technology of the ancient world. He has devoted over 35 years to these studies and has gathered a collection of over 15,000 Egyptian images. In Electric Ancient Egyptians, Brown presents a focused and distilled version of a master book that he created to log the results of his studies and his collection of photographic images. The gist of his work revolves around the use of energy by the ancient Egyptians, specifically static energy produced by human and feline bodies. He presents many images to support his hypotheses, including photographs of his own constructions, such as the Faraday cage, to practically illustrate the means by which the Egyptians created, manipulated and stored energy.

James Brown’s scientific/metaphysical work, Electric Ancient Egyptians: Penetrating The Atom With Electrified Sperm (Ancient Energy) is a compelling and well-researched treatise. I was quite impressed with the presentation and organization of his materials, as well as the numerous and professionally produced images he uses to illustrate his findings and support his concepts. Brown goes past the standard and accepted theories or guesses on the uses of the various items found in the tombs and pyramids and crafts credible and practical alternatives. One such item is the ubiquitous metal hand mirrors found in the tombs and in drawings, which Brown argues are actually electrical capacitors which bear a remarkable resemblance to the product used in modern times.

I was also pleased to see how he tied in his findings with the work of Edward Leedskalnin who created and manipulated energy in creating his Coral Garden in Florida, which is filled with massive stone structures. In the past, I had seen documentaries about this talented man and found Brown’s contributions to dispelling the mysteries around Leedskalnin’s accomplishments to be persuasive indeed. I came away from reading Electric Ancient Egyptians feeling enriched by the experience and convinced that Brown’s work has great merit. The striking images and well presented text make this original and thought provoking work well worth exploring. Electric Ancient Egyptians: Penetrating The Atom With Electrified Sperm (Ancient Energy) is highly recommended.




Ancient Electric Egyptians is a great read and offers ample evidence that the ancient Egyptians understood and used static electricity in many ways. The book shows how furniture was insulated and not grounded and includes images of numerous “storage vessels.” Of particular interest are the many images of cats and fur as critical components in the procedures depicted on temple walls.”

David Denton, Electrical Expert, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida


“The amazing curiosity and integration of life experiences that has been the cornerstone of all great explorers characterizes James Brown. This book unveils a theory based on factual information that attempts to help us understand some of our ancient treasures.”

James Pruitt, MD, Pagosa Springs, Colorado


“James Brown’s out-of-the-box thinking raises many questions about untapped forms of natural forms of energy in our bodies, making for an enlightening read. The abundance of full-color photographs compliments the logical and unique insights in the easy-read style of Brown’s Electric Ancient Egyptians.”

Jo Myatt, English teacher, Goldsby, Oklahoma